Main Challenge

Digital literacy and digital rights is more important than ever as it’s a path to critical information, services and opportunities available to many people especially the African woman for the first time. However this trend in technology has been remarkably low amongst African women. Despite its importance, mobile access and use remain unequal and un- used by the African woman

Women are still on a larger gap than men to own a mobile phone, and even more less likely to use the internet on a mobile. It’s critical that the mobile gender gap is understood and overcome, as digital literacy provides life-changing benefits to women, their families, communities and the economy.


Through Advocacy and Trainings for these women, we came up with an educational tutorial for learning which equips the African woman with the knowledge and skill needed to be able to participate in the Digital eco- system



Core Values

To inspire women own and freely use their online digital space

A world where all women are digitally literate

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Innovation

About our Team

  • Goretti Zavuga Amuriat is a CEO and a Founder of Digital   Woman Uganda.

    She is Gender and Rural Development Specialist, a Technology and Policy Advocate, an ICT4D Practitioner, a Women Rights Activist, a Consultant, a Certified Trainer in SIYB with International Labour Organisation (ILO), an Entrepreneur and a Mentor. 

    She has over 20 years of experience of   development work, working with Civil Society Organization (CSO) both in urban and rural areas.  Her areas of expertise include gender, agriculture,  rural development, ICT4D, policy advocacy, women rights, economic empowerment/entrepreneurship, governance and accountability and gender based violence(GBV)

    Goretti Zavuga Amuriat

    Executive Director & Co-founder
  • Pinno Ivan Louis is a Digital Consultant and also an ICT4Dev Enthusiast with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Makerere University. Louis has worked with different organizations in Uganda in the field of Digital Innovations and Advocacy. He recently completed a four year project with Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET – www.wougnet.org ) under sponsorship of Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA) and Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Nations (SPIDER) when he led the m-omulimisa Application administration in the Eastern Region in improving service delivery. He also led the app administration in Northern Uganda on the Indigo Trust Project still under Wougnet on behalf of m-Omulimisa (www.m-omulimisa.com)
    Louis doubles as a Digital Strategist with m-Omulimisa App in charge of looking out for digital solutions and funding options to help scale the startup to yet greater heights, he worked tirelessly to get m-omulimisa recognition during the 2017 MTN Innovations Award which got the application voted amongst the top 5 Best Agriculture Applications in Uganda and works tirelessly to improve on our visibility around the globe. He brings his expertise and experience in the field of ICT4Dev and Advocacy (ICT) and Innovativeness to the team. He also led a team of m-Omulimisa during the World Bank Disruptive Agricultural Technology Challenge Awards emerging finalists under Agricultural Productivity and Information Category. He is also a Co- Founder of Digital Woman Uganda, a digital women enabler organization creating a platform for women in Uganda.
    Louis has also worked with ICT Incubation hubs such as Hive Colab on different projects such as the Yogera initiative in close coordination and led the team in Eastern Uganda for a period of a year during its inception. 

    Pinno Ivan Louis

    Ivan Louis Pinno Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer
  • Kizza Ronald is a software and Network engineer with vast experience in ICT. He has worked as a freelance developer for years and has also worked as an IT Officer in different Civil Society Organisations and Companies. 

    Kizza Ronald

    Developer & Systems Admin
  • Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke holds a Doctorate degree in Sociology and a Master of Arts degree in development studies from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University of South Africa. She is currently a Senior Lecturer with various Universities in Uganda. She has a wealth of experience both in research and programme interventions for combating child labour, developing organizational strategic plans and developing training manuals. She believes that through research, new innovations can be initiated and developed. A number of her research work has been and is still being published in international and local journals worldwide. 

    Through various studies carried out over the years, she has been able to work individually and with a number of teams to publish peer reviewed articles in international journals. Dr. Kibukamusoke aims at providing strategic guidance to University students by providing hands on services in executing the mission, vision, goals and objectives for a highly valued education system. She seeks to work with different faculties to contribute to the creation of a better society through engagement with present and future challenges within their individual core areas. Dr. Kibukamusoke is always willing to learn using the SWOT for particular faculties and always aims at using their strengths to move ahead.

    Through her researcher, she has also worked as a consultant for various organizations on advocacy projects in relation to gender-based violence campaigns, children’s rights, poverty eradication, the right to social security and transparency. 

    Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke

    Project Researcher
  • She is a machine learning engineer and IT professional with over 3 years’ industrial experience in project management, product development and data science. Charity will also be a PhD student at UCD where she will be joining the Science Foundation Ireland ML-Labs starting September.
    She has worked with several startups in the region, aiming to optimize customer satisfaction, productivity of teams and functionality of software. Her career objective is to support organizations in achieving their business goals while making data-centric decisions.

    Charity Delmus

    Blogger/ Content Creator
  • She is a highly trained Accountant with 16 years of professional experience in both Public and Private Sectors.

    Akayoroit Christine