Women Human Rights Defenders and their protection

Women, in general, face gendered threats that men do not face to the same extent. When a woman defends human rights, she is vulnerable to all of the general threats that Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) face, as well as specific gendered threats.

A human rights defender (HRD) is someone who works peacefully to promote or protect human rights, either alone or in collaboration with others. An HRD can be anyone, regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or profession. Human rights advocacy can be a professional or volunteer endeavor for them. A woman human rights defender (WHRD) is a female human rights defender who works in the defense of women’s rights or on gender issues.

Anyone who works to promote or protect human rights through peaceful means, whether paid or not, is an HRD. There are numerous methods for promoting or protecting human rights. Here are a few examples:

  • Collecting evidence to document human rights violations
  • Increasing public awareness of human rights violations (in the media, online, or in their community)
  • Reporting human rights violations to international or regional organizations.
  • Helping survivors of human rights violations (e.g., shelter, legal advice, emotional support).
  • Informing people about their rights and teaching them how to defend them.

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